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    How Do I Setup DUO for multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Answered By: Bill Harrison
Last Updated: Oct 11, 2021     Views: 6

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) requires a user to authenticate their identity via a mobile phone, tablet or landline phone.  This will be required when logging into identified college systems. Here are some step by step guides to help you through setting and using MFA with DUO.  Duo is the company that we have partnered with to provide this service.

Please Note: for users who have MFA enabled and they are using an Android mobile device for email, the pre-installed mail client will stop working on their phone. 

If this happens you have two options.

  1. Use your Mobile Device Web Browser to access outlook.daytonastate.edu
  2. Install the Outlook App available on Google Play

Below are how to videos for MFA and on how to accomplish the above for the mobile Android mail clients

(You may have to login with your O365 DSC, frstname_lastname@daytonastate.edu account to view these videos)


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