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    Is there wi-fi for guests at Daytona State College?

Answered By: Bill Harrison
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Please note that, due to its open and accessible nature, the ‘Guest’ wireless network is not secured with encryption, and is not intended for accessing internal resources that contain or transmit sensitive information. It is advisable that individuals using the Guest network take precautions to ensure that their online activities are secure, including the following:

  • Visit websites by using their secure web address. (This can be verified by ensuring that visited websites contain “https://” at the beginning of the web address bar.)
  • Verify that visited secure websites are authentic. (Generally, this can be verified by ensuring that a green padlock or another similar visual indicator is visible to the left of the web browser’s address bar.)

Join the Guest wireless network

Choose your operating system to begin.

Visit your wireless devices wireless network settings and select the ‘Guest’ network to connect. 


Open wireless networking in the lower left system tray and choose Guest.

Windows Wireless network


Open wireless networking in the upper right and choose Guest.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Open the settings applet

Tap the Wi-Fi option

Tap the Guest option and follow the prompts.


Open the "Settings" applet on your device. This may appear similar to one of the below icons.)

Settings applet icon on Android

In "Connections", tap the "Wi-Fi" option. Note: on some devices this may be "Wireless & Networks".

Connections screen on Android

Tap the "Guest" option and follow the prompts.

Wi-Fi screen on Android

If the sign in or Acceptable Use Policy web page does not open automatically, open a web browser and navigate to a website, such as http://msn.com. You will be redirected to the Acceptable Use Policy web page.

  • Click on the I Agree or Accept or Sign In button.
  • Congratulations! You are now connected to the ‘Guest’ network.

Troubleshooting Accessing the Internet from Guest

The ‘Guest’ wireless network contains a captive portal. This is a web page/login that visitors are redirected to prior to having full network access. Most relatively new devices can automatically detect and redirect visitors the captive portal page. If, however, a device does not properly detect the captive portal, the device may appear as connected to ‘Guest’ but be unable to visit external websites. The simplest way to resolve this issue is to navigate to a non-secure website (for example, http://www.msn.com). This will allow the device and the web browser to properly view the captive portal page and allow the visitor to click accept/join for full network connectivity.

Contact the IT Helpdesk at 386.506.3950 if you need additional assistance.