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    How do I submit a PeopleSoft security request?

Answered By: Bill Harrison
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PeopleSoft security requests should be submitted by supervisors, not the individual employee. If unsure on what security is needed, a list of contacts is provided below who can assist.

To submit a request, visit the Unified Request System.

  1. Choose the relevant PeopleSoft template from the template field dropdown.

    Choose the relevant PeopleSOft template
  2. The screen will refresh showing the new template information. Complete the form providing the requested information.

Full list of data owners

Human Capital Management (HR/Payroll):

Level 1 (all modules):
                  Robin Barr (Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll)

Financial Supply Chain Management (Finance Department):

Level 1 (all modules):

                  Isalene Montgomery (Vice President of Finance/Business Services)

                  Alternate Approver - Tina Myers (Associate Vice President of Finance/Controller)

Campus Solutions (Student System):

Level 1:
  Academic Affairs –
  Admissions - Karen Sanders, Beth Hoodiman
  Assessment - Gail Kaddy
  Advising - Michelle Goldys
  Financial Aid - Heidi Pinney
  Records / Registration - Carri Hudgins, Kathryn Fulco
  Student Financials – Joumana El-Ghali

Level 2 (with the exception of Student Financials):
                   Dr. Erik D'Aquino (Vice President of Enrollment Management)



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