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    How do I use the new DSC mass notification system, DSC Alert?

Answered By: AJ Delgado
Last Updated: Oct 01, 2019     Views: 3

Daytona State College is pleased to announce our mass notification system, DSC Alert. DSC Alert is a multi-modal mass notification system that enables DSC to quickly send critical information to the College community via text, phone, and email during an emergency. Students also may receive non-emergency (outreach) communication including information on Registration, Financial Aid, College events, and other messages intended to make the enrollment process easier and improve your DSC experience. All DSC students are automatically opted into DSC Alert when they begin classes and will receive this service at no charge.


After enrolling at DSC, you will receive an email at your DSC email address letting you know that the system has been activated and providing the link to the page where you can set up your account and select which types of outreach communications you would like to receive. The link is https://dsc.bbcportal.com.

Once on the page, click the Sign Me Up! link and follow instructions to set up your account. Please use your DSC email address with the first_last@daytonastate.edu format. If you don’t do anything, you are automatically opted in, but we encourage you visit the webpage to ensure that your account is set up to your preferences.

It's also important to keep your phone number current in the DSC system. To update your phone number, log in to your MyDaytonaState page and select My Profile > Campus Personal Data > Phone Numbers.

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