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    What happens when IT equipment is deemed obsolete with the nonoperational label?

Answered By: Jennie Le
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017     Views: 6

  1. The items are tested and labeled identifying what is wrong or missing.
  2. If the item has a hard-drive(s), the hard drive(s) will be removed and erased (or destroyed if necessary) and returned to the unit if possible.
  3. All units considered for scrap will be bundled (with a detail listing of all the DSC Assets tag numbers of the units that are on that pallet) for easy identification.
  4. Deletion of the item must be approved by the Board via approved Board Agenda (provided by the Chief Information Officer).
  5. Property Management will confirm, sign via IT Signature Sheet for all deleted items and transfer the units to Surplus Storage.

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