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    How do I share my Calendar from Outlook?

Answered By: Jennie Le
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017     Views: 3

  • In Outlook go to “Calendars.”
  • Right-click on calendar you want to share and select “Share” and then “Share Calendar.”
  • Click “To” and then select the person you want to share your Calendar with from the Global Address List or a sub-address list thereof.
  • Choose what you want to share and type a description if desired and the click “Send.”
    • Note:
      •  Availability = only shares whether or not you are available.
      • Limited details = shares a summary of events on your calendar.
      • Full details = shares all information related to events on your calendar.
  • Click “Yes” to send the share to the specified user.
  • You can additionally adjust the user’s level of permission for the calendar by right-clicking on the calendar and going to “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Permissions” tab.
  • Select the user’s name and then select a custom level of permissions you wish to grant them for your calendar: 
    • Permissions Summary: Owner = full permission to user, just as if they were you
    • Editor = user can edit, add and delete entries from your calendar
    • Reviewer = read-only access, user can read but not edit events on calendar

Note: When the user you are wanting to share your calendar with receives your invitation they will get an email and simply need to click on the “Open this Calendar” button to add it to their shared calendars in Outlook:

Once they do this, it will then add your calendar under their “Shared Calendars” section in Outlook:

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