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    How do I operate a Bunker with an ELMO document camera?

Answered By: Jennie Le
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Bunker Instructions: ELMO Document Camera

  • DOCUMENT CAM MUST BE ON for the computer desktop to be displayed.
  • Power on Document Cam (ELMO located to the right of bunker) (Power switch is on the upper right).
  • Use Front Panel on Document Cam to select what you see.
    • Main: Document Cam Display.
    • RGB1: Computer Display.
  • (Document cam lights may be toggled on/off by pressing the corresponding button on the ELMO front panel – Lamp Category).
  • Power on the Computer (Inside bunker).
  • Press power button top left of computer.
  • If the computer is ALREADY ON and asks for login credentials PLEASE REBOOT the COMPUTER, the computer should login to a desktop automatically and requires NO login.

Power on the Digital Projector(attached to ceiling)

  • Use black box on teacher station or small flat remote if there is one.
  • Press [PC/Proj] Button (active when it is lit).
  • Press [Power] Button (You should see blue lights on the ceiling projector).
  • Give the projector a few moments to warm up and you should see your source image projected onto the screen.

To Shut Down

  • Power down the Projector - Press the [power] Button on black box or use remote if there is one. (Projector may display a shutting down message).
  • Power down the Computer – Start button > shutdown.
  • Power down the ELMO Document Cam – Flip the switch, found on the upper right of the device, to the OFF position.

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