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    I found the common prerequisites for my Major, but it does not give a specific Course Number. What does this mean?

Answered By: Roberta Enquist
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021     Views: 5

Make sure to verify courses that may be prerequisite courses. Some institutions specify course numbers; others give a general category. For example: It may just say Biological Science. It is your (the student's) responsibility to know if that means Survey of Biology for Non-Science Majors or General Biology for Science Majors and whether or not a lab is required. If you take the wrong class, you will not meet requirements and may jeopardize entry into the transfer institution. It will also be additional time and expense to then take the correct course that you should have enrolled in originally. Don't guess about courses thinking that it "sounds like" the same class that will not even be accepted by the transfer institution! Contact the transfer institution for verification if you have any questions. 

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